Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance is inviting its over 200 million users worldwide to join the “Be Binance” campaign, a global initiative celebrating the company’s seventh anniversary.

“We’re thrilled to launch the ‘Be Binance’ campaign and foster deeper connections within our global community,” said Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance. “This campaign underscores our commitment to innovation, education, and community engagement,” she added in an interview with MPost.

Diverse Activities Planned

The campaign promises a vibrant mix of online and offline experiences. Users can participate in in-person meet-ups across 19 countries, with outdoor gatherings planned in locations like the UAE, Australia, and Spain. These events aim to create lively hubs filled with music, games, and interactive activities, attracting both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers.

Social Media Giveaways and Educational Opportunities

Binance will also host engaging social media contests and giveaways. Participants can express what “Be Binance” means to them, answer daily trivia questions, or share birthday greetings and memories. These activities offer chances to win prizes like $7,000 worth of BNB token vouchers, merchandise, and more.

Binance Academy Joins the Celebration

Its Academy, the platform’s educational arm, is hosting a “7YA Product Guides Study Week” starting July 9th. Users can participate in educational tasks to win a share of 77 BNB in rewards. Additionally, a special “Learn & Earn” course will cover Binance P2P, Copy Trading, and the Airdrop Portal, with a separate reward pool of 7 BNB.

Binance’s Continued Growth

It is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, facilitating transactions for over 350 cryptocurrencies. The platform is known for its competitive fees and deep liquidity, making it attractive to a wide range of users. This anniversary campaign further highlights Binance’s commitment to user engagement and fostering a strong crypto community.

Beyond the Anniversary

The company recently partnered with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to offer the “Binance Free Pass” for Brazil’s top football league. This exclusive pass grants holders free admission to any game throughout the season, along with the option to bring a guest.

Binance is also running the “Futures Grand Tournament” as part of its ongoing “Binance World Championship.” This tournament offers participants a chance to win a share of a 3 million USDT prize pool and is set to conclude on July 14th.

The “Be Binance” campaign appears to be a multi-faceted celebration, offering a mix of educational opportunities, social engagement, and exciting events. With its focus on community building and user appreciation, this initiative could further solidify Binance’s position as a major player in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

By Joadin Maina

Beyond the hype, I untangle the web3 revolution, guiding curious minds through the labyrinth of decentralized possibilities.