• A trader with a history of massive gains shifts focus from PEPE to WOJAK, igniting investor optimism.
  • All three coins involved (PEPE, WOJAK, and MOG) experienced price increases.

The cryptocurrency market is abuzz with excitement after a prominent trader, known by the online alias “dimethyltryptamine. eth,” made a significant shift in their investment strategy. This trader boasts a legendary 107,000x return on their PEPE coin holdings, turning a mere $251 into a staggering $26.9 million. In a recent move, “dimethyltryptamine. eth” sold off their MOG coins and used the proceeds to accumulate a whopping 200 million WOJAK coins on Uniswap within the last 24 hours.

This maneuver has sent shockwaves through the crypto community, particularly due to the trader’s proven track record. Their success with PEPE has instilled a sense of confidence in their investment choices, leading many to believe this WOJAK purchase could be a potential indicator of future growth for the coin. Notably, both PEPE and WOJAK experienced price increases following the news.

Interestingly, the price of MOG, the coin “dimethyltryptamine,” also saw a surge. This unexpected development adds a layer of intrigue to the situation, leaving some to question the trader’s motivations.

Data from Lookonchain reveals that “dimethyltryptamine.eth” initially purchased a massive 5.9 trillion PEPE for just 0.125 ETH, roughly $251 at the time. Since then, they have reportedly sold off 3.95 trillion PEPE for a cool 2,505 ETH, translating to a current value of $4.7 million. This leaves them holding onto a remaining 2 trillion PEPE, valued at approximately $22.2 million.

The crypto community is eagerly watching the situation unfold, with many hoping that “dimethyltryptamine. eth”‘s gamble on WOJAK will pay off as spectacularly as their coin investment did. Only time will tell if WOJAK experiences a similar price boom, but one thing is certain: this whale’s actions have undoubtedly stirred the crypto market.