• IOTA founder Dom Schiener announces the launch of IOTA EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on March 31, 2024.
  • Staking opportunities and airdrops to incentivize community engagement and investment.

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on KuCoin, IOTA founder Dom Schiener shared key developments set to reshape the IOTA ecosystem. The highlight is the imminent launch of IOTA EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on March 31, 2024, representing a significant expansion into smart contracts and decentralized applications.

These revelations reveal the path ahead and paint a very bullish IOTA future.

The introduction of IOTA EVM is not merely an update; it signifies a giant leap for the IOTA community, introducing smart contracts and dApps to the Shimmer network. This move enhances IOTA’s technological capabilities and functional scope.

Schiener emphasized that users can stake IOTA tokens on IOTA EVM in late Q1 or early Q2 2024. This staking initiative comes with a reward system, including airdrops, encouraging active participation and investment in the IOTA ecosystem.

IOTA 2.0 Testnet and Future

IOTA is gearing up for the launch of its 2.0 testnet in Q2 2024, a precursor to a fully decentralized network, marking a significant technological milestone. Schiener also teased upcoming government adoption announcements and large-scale Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization deals, potentially involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

In a bid for global expansion, IOTA is strategically focusing on strengthening its presence in key Asian markets, including Korea, Japan, and Singapore. This approach aligns with the increasing interest in and adoption of blockchain technology in these regions, positioning IOTA as a major player in the Asian blockchain landscape.

These revelations point to a promising future for the IOTA ecosystem, signalling a period of growth, innovation, and enhanced functionality. The IOTA community eagerly awaits these milestones, anticipating a new era of blockchain development and widespread adoption.

By Joadin Maina

Beyond the hype, I untangle the web3 revolution, guiding curious minds through the labyrinth of decentralized possibilities.