IOTA Grant Program Awards $2.8M: Is Your Project Next? Apply Now!



The IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation continues to empower creativity within the IOTA ecosystem through its ongoing Grants Program. A new batch of recipients has been announced, with 26 projects out of 99 applications securing a total of $2,894,000 in funding.

This recent announcement marks the Foundation’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and diverse landscape of digital asset initiatives. The funded projects span various DeFi (Decentralized Finance) categories, including lending platforms, NFT marketplaces, SocialFi solutions, and essential tooling.

Grant Program in Numbers (as of June 26, 2024):

  • Applications Received: 102
  • Grants Awarded: 51 (across previous rounds + current)
  • Total Granted: $5,638,000 (including previous rounds)

Introducing the Latest Grant Recipients:

  • ioLend (Lending): A trailblazing DeFi platform that optimizes lending and liquidity experiences. It aggregates yield opportunities across the network, allowing users to maximize returns through various strategies.
  • Eco Forge Chronicles (NFT Marketplace): An open-source, “trade-to-earn” marketplace that incentivizes user engagement using Eco-Bound Tokens (EBTs) and redeemable NFTs. This platform promotes a sustainable ecosystem by enabling projects to offer rewards without depleting resources.
  • Portico (SocialFi): A DePIN-powered social data network that fosters positive social impact and profitability for both users and brands. It introduces a “Web3 Lobby,” a decentralized community layer for brands to connect with Web3 users.
  • Peppy Finance (Perpetual): This project aims to develop a user-friendly frontend for the SYMMIO perpetual exchange, specifically designed for retail users. By leveraging gaming and online gaming design principles, Peppy Finance strives to simplify trading and attract a new wave of users to the SYMMIO platform.

Looking Ahead:

The IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation emphasizes its commitment to keeping the community informed with more frequent updates. This shift ensures concise and timely communication regarding the Grants Program’s progress, fosters transparency, and further propels innovation within the IOTA ecosystem.