The Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) token defied expectations with a 9% price increase following its delisting from Turkish exchange BtcTurk. This surprising rally comes amidst a major security breach that saw BtcTurk lose a staggering 434 billion LUNC tokens, raising questions about the future of the cryptocurrency.

BtcTurk’s Delisting Decision and Stolen Funds

BtcTurk delisted LUNC after a hack compromised 10 of their hot wallets, leading to the loss of the aforementioned LUNC tokens. While the specifics of the hack remain unknown, BtcTurk assures users that stored assets in cold wallets remain secure. The exchange also froze all cryptocurrency transactions as a precaution.

The fate of the stolen LUNC remains uncertain. Similar incidents in the past have resulted in frozen assets, rendering them unusable. If this happens with the stolen LUNC, it could be seen as a positive development for the LUNC ecosystem due to a decrease in circulating supply. This aligns with the Terra Classic community’s ongoing efforts to burn tokens and reduce overall supply.

Binance Steps In, Community Continues Burning Efforts

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance played a crucial role by freezing over $5.3 million in stolen funds that attempted withdrawal through its platform. Additionally, the Terra Classic community remains committed to reducing LUNC and USTC (TerraClassicUSD) circulation. A recent initiative successfully burned over 6.5 billion LUNC tokens.

The burn plan, spearheaded by Terraform Labs (TFL) CEO Chris Amani, involves burning tokens from TFL and Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) wallets, fueling bullish sentiment for both USTC and LUNC prices.

Price Performance and Market Response

Following the BtcTurk hack and delisting, coin trading volume skyrocketed by over 600% within a single day. This surge in activity translated to a 9% price increase for coins, reaching $0.00008153 at the time of writing. USTC also saw a positive price movement, rising over 3.75% to $0.01771.

Binance continues to be the leading force in coin burning, having already eliminated 60 billion tokens through their monthly mechanism. This ongoing supply reduction, combined with the Terra Classic community’s efforts, is shaping a positive outlook for LUNC’s market dynamics.

Despite the delisting and security concerns, LUNC’s price resilience and increased trading activity suggest continued investor interest. The coming days will be crucial in determining the fate of the stolen tokens and the long-term impact on the LUNC ecosystem.

By Joadin Maina

Beyond the hype, I untangle the web3 revolution, guiding curious minds through the labyrinth of decentralized possibilities.