• Over 96% of PEPE investors are now in profit
  • PEPE price surges 77% in the past week

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, meme coins have become a surprising focus for investors seeking quick gains. One such token, PEPE, has seen a remarkable rally over the past week, sending shockwaves through the market and putting the majority of its holders in a profitable position.

According to on-chain data analyzed by cryptocurrency researcher Vicakdo and reported on X, an overwhelming 96.36% of all Pepe coin (PEPE) addresses are currently “in the money,” signaling that investors have seen substantial unrealized gains due to the recent surge in its price.

The data, derived from the “Global In/Out of the Money” indicator on IntoTheBlock, a prominent market intelligence platform, reveals that only a negligible number of addresses are currently holding PEPE at a net loss. This data is critical as it provides insights into the sentiment and financial health of PEPE investors.

Understanding PEPE Investor Landscape

The analysis from IntoTheBlock categorizes PEPE holders into three main groups based on their cost basis relative to the current market price:

  • In the Money: Investors holding PEPE at a cost basis lower than its current price, representing 96.36% of all addresses.
  • At the Money: Holders whose average acquisition price is approximately equal to the current market price.
  • Out of the Money: The smallest group, holding PEPE at a cost basis higher than the current spot price.

The majority of PEPE holders are now comfortably in profit, with only a handful still looking to break even. This distribution underscores the bullish sentiment surrounding the coin and suggests strong support levels should the price retest recent highs.

Implications for Investors(PEPE)

Investors holding coins at a loss may face pressure to sell if the token retests its cost basis, while those in profit may view any retests as an opportunity to accumulate more. These dynamics could impact future price movements, potentially leading to support or resistance levels depending on investor behavior.

PEPE’s Current Price and Market Outlook

As of the latest data, the coin is trading around $0.0000168, marking a notable 77% increase over the past week. This price surge has positioned the coin as one of the top-performing tokens in the recent crypto market rally, with little immediate resistance expected as it explores higher levels.

However, the heightened profit levels also raise the likelihood of profit-taking actions, which could temporarily hinder further rapid price gains. Nevertheless, PEPE’s current market dynamics suggest a resilient investor base with strong potential for continued growth.


PEPE’s recent price surge and the consequent overwhelming profitability of its investors highlight the rapid and sometimes unpredictable nature of meme coins in the cryptocurrency market. As investors navigate these opportunities, understanding the dynamics of profitability and sentiment can be crucial in making informed decisions.

In summary, coin ascent underscores the potential for significant gains in meme coins, albeit with associated risks. Investors should remain vigilant of market movements and be prepared for potential volatility as the market continues to evolve.

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