• Whale Alert Detects Significant XRP Movements by Coincheck Amid Price Surge
  • XRP Sees Price Recovery and Increased Whale Accumulation

On May 16, 2024, Whale Alert, a renowned cryptocurrency transaction tracking platform, identified a massive transfer of 100 million coins, valued at approximately $51.89 million at the time, from a wallet associated with Coincheck, a leading Japanese exchange.

This substantial transaction is part of a series of recent significant XRP movements involving the same Coincheck wallet. On May 14, the wallet sent 230,000 XRP to Coincheck, followed by a 10 million XRP transfer on May 13. Earlier, smaller transfers included 80,000 XRP on May 10 and a nominal 0.10 XRP on May 9.

Internal shuffling by Coincheck?

An analysis of the recipient address strengthens the likelihood of internal shuffling by Coincheck. Blockchain intelligence platform Bithomp suggests that the address was activated by the exchange, indicating a direct connection. The frequent transfers between this address and Coincheck, coupled with the substantial volume of each transaction, further support the theory of internal cryptocurrency management. Notably, these transactions coincide with a recent uptick in the price of XRP.

XRP Price Recovery and Whale Accumulation

The XRP market has experienced significant price volatility in recent months. Despite a slight decline of 0.12% over the past week, the coin saw a 3% increase in the last 24 hours, currently trading at around $0.5174. This uptick aligns with a surge in trading activity, with a 24-hour volume exceeding $1 billion.

Earlier this year, XRP witnessed a substantial price surge. The token rose over 50%, from $0.4853 on January 31 to a high of $0.7440 on March 11. However, the rally faced resistance, leading to a price correction. This decline presented an opportunity for whale investors to accumulate XRP at lower prices.

Whale Activity and Market Implications

The recent large-scale transfers by Coincheck highlight significant whale activity, reflecting broader market trends and strategic asset management by major players. The timing of these movements, coinciding with a price uptick, suggests potential preparatory maneuvers for future trading strategies or liquidity management.

In the volatile and often speculative world of cryptocurrency, such whale activities can significantly impact market sentiment and price dynamics. As the coin continues its recovery, monitoring these substantial transactions provides valuable insights into market behavior and investor strategies.


The movement of millions of coins by Coincheck amid a price resurgence underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. With coins experiencing increased whale accumulation and trading activity, the market remains poised for potential fluctuations. Investors and market watchers should stay alert to these developments, as they offer critical indicators of future market trends and potential investment opportunities.