• Solana (SOL) suffers a sharp 10% decline, testing key support levels amid mixed market reactions.
  • Ethereum ETF approval fails to spark an anticipated rally, while Cardano (ADA) finds a new support level.

The cryptocurrency market has been turbulent, with Solana (SOL) experiencing a significant 10% drop, triggering concerns among investors. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s anticipated ETF effect has yet to materialize, and Cardano (ADA) has established a new support level. Here’s a closer look at the current market dynamics.

Solana’s Sharp Decline

Solana’s recent performance has been a disappointment, with the asset plummeting from around $176 to $164. This unexpected drop has brought Solana down to test its crucial support level at $160. Historically, this level has acted as a strong support area, but if it fails, the next major support is at $150, aligned with the 200-day moving average.

The decline in Solana’s value can be attributed to several factors. Market sentiment following the preliminary approval of the Ethereum ETF has been mixed, causing assets like Solana to suffer. Additionally, Solana’s failure to maintain key resistance levels likely triggered stop-loss orders, exacerbating the sell-off.

On the resistance side, Solana (SOL) faces immediate resistance at $176. Beyond this, the next key resistance is around $190, where the 50-day moving average resides. For any substantial recovery, breaking through these resistance levels is essential.

For traders and investors, maintaining the $160 support level is critical. If Solana can hold this level, it may consolidate and attempt another upward move. However, if it breaks below $160, the next significant support to watch is $150, indicating potential further downside and increased volatility.

Ethereum ETF Effect: A Fiasco?

The market’s reaction to the Ethereum ETF approval has been less than stellar. Despite high expectations, Ethereum has struggled to breach key resistance levels. The primary reason behind this lukewarm performance is the type of approval granted. It wasn’t the comprehensive S-1 type, leaving room for further regulatory hurdles.

The lack of a significant price rally post-approval has led to skepticism among investors. However, the critical question remains: can Ethereum experience price growth moving forward? The market will be closely monitoring for any signs of a potential uptrend, despite the initial disappointment.

Cardano’s New Support Level

Amidst the market’s volatility, Cardano (ADA) has managed to find a new support level. This development is crucial as it provides a foundation for potential stability and growth. Investors are optimistic that this new support could bolster Cardano’s resilience in the face of market fluctuations.


The cryptocurrency market remains as unpredictable as ever. Solana’s sharp decline, Ethereum’s underwhelming ETF effect, and Cardano’s establishment of a new support level highlight the varying fortunes of different assets. As always, investors are advised to conduct thorough research and remain cautious in their trading decisions.

By Joadin Maina

Beyond the hype, I untangle the web3 revolution, guiding curious minds through the labyrinth of decentralized possibilities.