Terra Luna Classic’s Plan to Boost Value: 12 Billion LUNC to be Burned in $1 Re-peg Plan

The Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) community is gearing up for a crucial vote that could significantly impact the cryptocurrency market. The proposal to burn 12 billion LUNC and 68 million USTC aims to stabilize and potentially revive the token’s value, targeting a re-peg to $1. This strategic move is designed to reduce the overall supply and address the volatility that has affected LUNC and USTC prices.

Understanding the LUNC Burn Proposal

The proposal involves removing a substantial number of tokens from non-upgradable contracts associated with the Lido DAO rewards dispatcher. By eliminating these tokens from circulation, the Terra Luna Classic community hopes to decrease supply, thereby increasing scarcity and potentially boosting the value of the remaining tokens. This follows a similar recent effort where 7 billion LUNC were burned, highlighting the community’s commitment to reducing the token’s oversupply.

Previous Burn Initiatives

The recent burn of 7 billion LUNC, which accumulated 8.34 billion in total fees in just one day, stands as one of the largest single-day token removals. This action was facilitated through a burn tax, demonstrating the community’s ability to mobilize and implement significant changes aimed at stabilizing the market.

Technical Details and Future Plans

The upcoming burn will target tokens held in contracts from the Anchor bLuna rewards and Lido rewards dispatcher. These tokens have been locked since June 22, 2022, following a decision by Lido DAO to render contracts on Terra Classic non-upgradable and to invalidate their ownership. The community vote will decide whether to proceed with this substantial reduction in supply.

In addition to the proposed burn of 12 billion LUNC and 68 million USTC, Terra Luna Classic developers are planning further gradual burns. This includes the removal of 93 million LUNC and 87 million USTC from the Terra Shuttle Bridge (BSC) contract. These steps are part of a broader strategy to consistently decrease the supply and stabilize the token’s value.

Impact on Investors

For investors, the burn proposal represents a potentially positive development. Reducing the supply of LUNC and USTC could lead to a higher token value if demand remains steady or increases. This strategy could restore confidence in the token and attract new investors looking for opportunities in a stabilized market.

However, the success of this initiative depends on several factors, including the outcome of the community vote and the overall market response. Investors should closely monitor the developments and consider the potential risks and rewards associated with the burn proposal.


The Terra Luna Classic community’s plan to burn 12 billion LUNC and 68 million USTC is a bold step aimed at stabilizing the token’s value and reducing market volatility. With a community vote on the horizon, the outcome will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of LUNC and USTC. Investors should stay informed and prepared to adapt to the potential changes in the cryptocurrency landscape.