• VeChain files trademark V3TR, indicating a strategic move into the global electronic payments and digital token markets.
  • The trademark covers electronic currency transfer, issuance of digital tokens, and crypto exchange services and introduces a digital token for online communities.

In a bold strategic move, VeChain, a leading enterprise blockchain platform, has filed a trademark known as V3TR, signaling its ambition to carve a significant niche in the rapidly expanding global payments market, projected to reach $20 trillion by 2026.

This trademark, filed with the US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO), encompasses a comprehensive range of digital currency services. VeChain’s foresight extends to electronic currency transfers, the issuance and redemption of digital tokens, crypto exchange services, and even the creation of a digital token tailored for online communities.

Under the V3TR trademark, VeChain aims to cover the acquisition, sale, transfer, and trading of digital currencies, along with processing electronic payments through prepaid cryptocurrency tokens. It also includes financial information services related to digital or cryptocurrency tokens listed on exchanges. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with VeChain’s overarching goal of establishing itself as a pivotal player in finance, supply chain management, governance, and healthcare.

Strategic Patents and Market Positioning

VeChain’s recent patent streak, exemplified by the October patent for processing multiple transactions simultaneously, underscores its commitment to integration within the commercial and financial realms. This approach reflects VeChain’s dedication to adaptability and serving the diverse needs of its partners.

Founder Sunny Lu envisions a shift from price speculation to integrating token utility into enterprise blockchain systems. This aligns with VeChain’s strengths and the capabilities offered by V3TR, positioning it as a potential collaborator for central banks and financial institutions seeking secure and efficient digital solutions.

By Joadin Maina

Beyond the hype, I untangle the web3 revolution, guiding curious minds through the labyrinth of decentralized possibilities.