Worldcoin Doubles Down On Inclusion: Act Now To Claim Your WLD Grant!

The Worldcoin Foundation, the organization behind the controversial Worldcoin project, has announced a one-year extension for WLD grant reservations. This move comes just days before the initial deadline for redeeming these tokens.

Launched in July 2023, Worldcoin offers individuals the opportunity to claim a share of its WLD tokens through a verification process that involves scanning irises with a special orb device. However, the foundation also introduced WLD grant reservations to ensure broader participation, even for those without access to orbs. These reservations allowed users to claim tokens without verification, redeemable within a specific timeframe.

The initial deadline for redeeming these reservations was set for July 2024. This would have impacted those who made reservations early after the project’s launch. Recognizing this potential barrier, the Worldcoin Foundation has extended the redemption window by an entire year. This means all WLD grant reservations made between July 24, 2023, and July 31, 2024, can now be redeemed until July 31, 2025. Additionally, new reservations will continue to be accepted until the new deadline.

The foundation attributes this extension to its core mission. Worldcoin aims to foster financial inclusion by providing everyone with access to the global economy. By extending the redemption window, they hope to ensure more people have the opportunity to benefit from participation in the project.

It’s important to note that eligibility for WLD tokens might be subject to certain restrictions, including geographical location and age. While the extension provides more time for participation, it remains to be seen how widely adopted Worldcoin will become and how its token distribution will ultimately impact the global financial landscape.