Despite a recent slump in the cryptocurrency market, veteran trader Altcoin Moe is making a bold prediction for XRP. In a recent tweet, Moe, who claims to have been active in the market since 2014, placed XRP in the “intermediate investment” category, projecting a staggering 600% surge during the next bull run.

This bullish outlook comes against a backdrop of declining prices across the crypto landscape. XRP, currently trading around $0.48, has mirrored the broader market trend, leaving investors apprehensive about a potential end to the bull run that began in March. However, Moe suggests the current dip might be a precursor to a significant upswing.

Moe’s prediction translates to a potential price jump for XRP to $3.33, although this would still fall short of its all-time high of $3.81 reached in January 2018. The timeframe for this projected surge remains unclear, with Moe only hinting at “a few months.” Notably, no specific factors driving this potential rise were mentioned in the tweet.

This isn’t the only optimistic prediction for XRP’s future. Prominent figures like Armando Pantoja of Benzinga and analyst Casi have previously projected XRP to reach $8–$20 and $13, respectively, by 2026. Additionally, market watchers Jake Gagain and Dark Defender have presented bull run targets of $5 and $5.85 for XRP in the near future.

While the accuracy of these predictions remains to be seen, positive developments like increased institutional adoption and a favorable outcome in the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple could undoubtedly propel XRP’s price to new highs.

Only time will tell if XRP will reach the lofty targets set by these crypto experts. However, one thing remains certain: the coming months will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of this popular cryptocurrency.