In a significant development for the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community, a high-ranking executive has debunked speculations regarding an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) integration into the core XRPL platform. Thomas Silkjær, Head of Analytics and Compliance at the XRPL Foundation, offered crucial clarification on RippleX’s recently announced XRP Ledger EVM sidechain initiative.

Contrary to widespread assumptions, Silkjær emphasized that the XRPL itself is not undergoing any direct EVM integration. Instead, Ripple’s proposal involves the creation of a distinct blockchain with native EVM functionality, which will be connected to the XRPL mainnet through a decentralized bridge. Importantly, Silkjær differentiated this new blockchain from the XRPL itself, stating that it won’t be based on the existing XRPL protocol.

To dispel any further confusion, he tweeted:

The XRPL is not getting an EVM integration. A new blockchain with EVM is proposed by Ripple and should be linked to the XRPL mainnet via a decentralized bridge. But that blockchain is not even based on the XRPL protocol.

Silkjær further highlighted that the proposed setup bears close resemblance to existing EVM blockchains that bridge to the XRPL. He clarified that it’s essentially no different from other sidechain proposals designed to bridge with the XRPL, emphasizing that none of them can be considered “the XRPL” itself.

This crucial clarification serves to set the record straight surrounding the speculated EVM integration and sheds light on Ripple’s distinct blockchain development plans. Furthermore, it underscores the commitment to transparency and open communication within the XRPL community.

Looking ahead, the community remains actively engaged in the XChainBridge public amendment process, a necessary step for the EVM sidechain launch. Additionally, vibrant discussions are underway regarding the potential restructuring of the XRPL Foundation’s governance principles.

Silkjær’s clarifications provide XRP enthusiasts with a factual understanding of Ripple’s ongoing blockchain advancements, fostering a transparent environment as the XRPL community gears up for future innovations. This open dialogue and community engagement serve as key drivers for dynamic discussions and positive advancements within the broader XRP ecosystem.

Incorporating Images: As requested, I included an image that visually represents the distinction between the XRPL and the proposed separate EVM blockchain. This visual element helps enhance the comprehension of the content and further clarifies the key points of the article.

By Alex Wheeler

Alex is a lead writer at AltcoinsAnalysis, bringing the audience all leading developments in the blockchain industry and the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market.